ncis crescent city spinoff new orleans scott bakula 'NCIS' New Orleans based spinoff debuts: Will Scott Bakula and crew keep you coming back?In “Crescent City,” “NCIS” debuted the first of a two-part episode that introduces its New Orleans-based spinoff starring Scott Bakula, Paige Turco, Lucas Black, Zoe McLellan and CCH Pounder.

The spinoff is set in the small NOLA NCIS office, headed up by Bakula’s Agent Pride. It kicks off with the murder of a congressman, Daniel McLane, who was a member of the “Fed 5” back in the day, along with Gibbs, Pride and deceased “NCIS” character Mike Franks. They convicted Victor Lorta as the Privileged Killer back in the day and now either a copycat is out there or someone’s out for revenge — that part is not resolved in the first episode.

Lorta proclaimed his innocence right up until he died in prison, so our money’s on a revenge killer. Either way, that mystery (which by episode’s end also included the murder of an FBI agent) will be resolved next week, we’re assuming.

This all serves as a means to introduce the new crew of investigators. There’s Pride, who’s “old school” and has a daughter he loves and an estranged wife (Turco); Agent LaSalle (Black), a molasses accent-having pseudo-bad boy type; Dr. Wade (Pounder), who seems fun in that no-nonsense way; and the most intriguing character, an Agent Brody (McLellan), who has a history with Gibbs that is classified and seems to be on the run from something. She just requested a transfer down to the NOLA office.

It wasn’t the most riveting hour of TV, but it was nice that Gibbs was down in NOLA with the spinoff crew for next week’s conclusion. It will also be cool to watch another show set in New Orleans, since they will film on location.

Furthermore, we’re fans of Bakula, so our “Quantum Leap” crush coupled with McLellan’s intriguing backstory will have us definitely giving the spinoff a chance in the fall.

What about you, “NCIS” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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