ncis new orleans spinoff cbs tca 'NCIS: New Orleans' already has an 'NCIS' crossover plannedWhen you join a franchise as popular and successful as the “NCIS”/”JAG” world, there’s just a little bit of pressure to be successful. And yes, the cast of CBS’s latest spinoff, “NCIS: New Orleans,” is feeling it.

“We have big shoes to follow, big footprints in the sand, and the hope is where we’re going with the characters that are being developed for us that we can invest and get an audience to invest with us,” star Scott Bakula tells reporters in Beverly Hills at the 2014 Television Critics Association. “This is potentially a great partnership … but the ball that’s being handed off is a perfect spiral. There’s pressure that comes with it, no question about it.”

That said, he’s excited about the prospect of making his own mark on the franchise. “We have great guidance from this team and happily [my fellow stars] are all unique and great actors,” Bakula says. “We have the opportunity to hopefully carve our own unique place [in the “NCIS” universe].”

Adds star Lucas Black, “We knew we were joining a bunch of winners. This group, the platform they set, we’ve got a little pressure, but hey, that’s a challenge we’re all looking forward to.”

Star CCH Pounder says she’s excited for what happens once the new world is fully established. “For every one of us, once we go past ‘NCIS’ I think there are going to be new stories, a new set of people and a new game in town. That’s what I’m looking to create.”

Producer Gary Glasberg says the “NCIS: NOLA” world will be fully integrated into the rest of the “NCIS” world, which means crossovers galore. “There will be crossover between the two shows,” he says. “We have a storyline where Michael Weatherly will be involved, where Pauley Perrette will be involved.”

Ultimately, the characters who cross over will depend on scheduling. “We’ll keep the balls in the air and make it work as best we can,” he says.

Posted by:Jean Bentley