ncis adam campbell young ducky gi 'NCIS' Season 12: Young Ducky is 'Mixology's' Adam Campbell

“NCIS” Season 12 has found its young Ducky. Former “Mixology” star Adam Campbell will take on the role of the younger Dr. Donald Mallard in an October episode of the long-running series.

“When wed saw Adam, all we could think of was a young David McCallum,” executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TVLine. “We can’t wait to introduce him as young Ducky and watch what he brings to this unusual role.”

Campbell will take over from present-day Ducky (McCallum) in a flashback episode that is expected to explain the character’s past relationships and to answer the question of why he always wears bow ties.

In addition to “Mixology,” British actor Campbell has appeared on “Harper’s Island,” “Touch” and “2 Broke Girls.” “NCIS” Season 12 is scheduled to premiere Tuesday, Sept. 23 with the flashback episode coming within a few episodes.

Posted by:Laurel Brown