nadya suleman lahabra gi Nearly topless Octomom: Nadya Suleman breastfeeds baby dolls, nurses one with vodkaNadya Suleman, better known as “Octomom,” has reached a new low. Who knew it was possible to sink further? In a very NSFW video — seriously, folks: it’s NSFW — posted by Perez Hilton, the porn star, stripper, and mother of 14 participates in a fairly disgusting New York drag show. (Buzzfeed also has photos, if you’re so inclined.)

Perez purports to have edited the really nasty parts out of the video, which is saying a lot considering what was left in. Suleman simulates fellatio on a drag queen while breastfeeding a baby doll, whom she starts out nursing with a bottle of vodka.

At one point, Nadya, ever the showman, whips out both of her breasts and breastfeeds two baby dolls while giddily bouncing up and down. The audience eggs on Suleman while disturbing video is broadcast on a screen behind her, including a scene involving the aforementioned drag queen delivering a baby over a toilet before flushing it.

It’s been clear for years that Ms. Suleman’s standards of appropriateness are slightly outside the norm, and with 14 mouths to feed, the woman’s got to collect a paycheck. But given the multiple investigations into Octomom’s child rearing habits — the latest involving sexual abuse and neglect, this exhibition was probably not the wisest choice.

Posted by:mchance