Neil Patrick Harris is nothing if not a creative actor. The “How I Met Your Mother” star has expanded his versatility yet again with a short online video — a silent movie called “Picture of Love” — on Funny or Die.

In the video posted on Wednesday (Aug. 20), Harris offers an ode to silent-movie greats like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. The film shows a mostly sad-faced Harris sitting alone at a table. In order to get some company, he places the photo of a woman — apparently beloved — on the table as well. Alas, it’s not enough for the flesh-and-blood man.

There is, fortunately, a solution. Harris grabs another photo, this one of himself, and sets it up on the table next to the first. Happy at last, the hero can walk away.

When posting on Twitter about the video, Harris cited Buster Keaton — one of the greats of the silent-film era — as his influence:

“I’m channeling my inner Buster Keaton in a new @FunnyOrDie video exclusive”

The smile and the walk, however, used in the film are equally reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin. Keaton famously never smiled in his movies.

This is hardly Neil Patrick Harris’ first foray into the world of Internet entertainment. In 2008, the actor starred in Joss Whedon‘s web hit, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown