neil patrick harris margarita mexico Neil Patrick Harris Instagrams epic margarita bender

When your vacation is coming to an end, it’s only natural to want to pack in as much fun as possible before the trip home. That’s exactly what Neil Patrick Harris did on the final day of his getaway in Mexico.
The “How I Met Your Mother” star began his day with a challenge, writing on Instagram, “Last day of our Mexico adventure. Let’s see just how many margaritas I can drink. Cheers!” That was accompanied by a photo of Harris with a drink, poolside. What looked like a relaxing start to the day went out the window the more he drank and luckily, Harris documented all of it on Instagram so you can follow along.

Things still seem nice and relaxing in photo number two, as he writes, “”Margarita #4: Feeling great. Can’t find my book …”

Who needs a book when there are more interesting things to stare at, though? “Margarita #7: Yummy yum yum! Man, what’s in these things?!?” Harris wonders.

It looks like he really hits his stride in the fourth photo, captioned, “”Margarita #12: I’s the life of the party!! Everybodyone is LOVING me!!”

As with many peaks, there’s the inevitable valley that follows. “Margarita #17: Maaaybeee shud take break I shud maybeee. #ifoundahat,” he says.

It looks like his journey is slowly wrapping up with the sixth photo, which reads, “Margarita #19: ……hic!……”

However, things take a turn for the much worse as Harris says, “Margarita #W: I swinnin laps.”

Finally, Harris meets his margarita match in his eighth and final photo. “Magachita #3, 4 mebbe? : Bruuuglah dret scruh nuu rezzlooshun! Nigh nigh nowh. #annndblackout,” he writes, putting an end to his fun photos and crazy vacation.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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