a 560x0 Neil Patrick Harris' mystery Emmy side stepper's identity revealed

One of the most hilarious and head-scratching moments of the 2013 Emmy Awards came when host Neil Patrick Harris was giving the TV audience a mid-commercial taste of what was coming up next on the show. While he was listing off reasons to keep watching, a man behind him awkwardly side-stepped out of frame.

Just what was that mysterious man doing there? Was he a member of the crew who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time? Part of a pre-planned joke by NPH? A mysterious video-bomber? Or something else entirely?

While the circumstances around the man’s appearance aren’t immediately clear, his identity is: Paul Greenberg. The Emmy-winner is best known for his stint as D.A. Scott Greenberg on “Reno 911” and for being a writer for both the 2013 Emmys and the 2013 Tonys.

That means Greenberg and Harris probably have a bit of a rapport going right now, so this could have all been staged. Neither man hasn’t posted on Twitter about his awkward moment yet, so for now people will just have to come up with their own backstory. Do you find it funnier that Harris and the man who crashed this video work together?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz