Neil-Patrick-Harris-food-porn-lorco-de-quinoa.jpgYou know that thing where people tweet pictures of their lunch and everyone gets mad? When you ask people who aren’t on Twitter about why they won’t join, you often hear things like, “Who cares that I’m eating a sub for lunch?” Well “How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris has totally turned that on it’s ear. He’s reinvented this particular meme by starting a food porn Twitter account.

Patrick started @NPHFoodPorn, and tweets pictures of all of his very lovely meals. Honestly, how does the man stay so thin eating deliciousness like this! Check out some of the photos he’s posted below and try not to drool.

Even cooler? Patrick’s latest tweet showed a picture of his sweetie David Burtka (see below). He tweeted, “Dessert: My dapper dining companion, . Sweeter than the tastiest confection.” We love you, NPH!


Posted by:jbusch