nelson mandela life support bodies exhumed gi Nelson Mandela on life support as children's bodies are exhumed from grandson's property

Court papers show that former South African president Nelson Mandela is on life support as the remains of three of his children are exhumed for reburial after being allegedly stolen.
The BBC reports a court ruled the bodies exhumed from the property of Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela, who allegedly moved the remains without consent from the family. The bodies will be reburied in a Mandela family graveyard.
Meanwhile, a court affidavit shows the 94-year-old retired politician is on life support and remains in “perilous” health” after being hospitalized for a lung infection. This despite an earlier statement from President Jacob Zuma that Mandela’s condition stabilized. While unable to visit the ailing leader due to his condition, U.S. president Barack Obama did greet Mandela’s family on his recent visit to South Africa.
Celebrities have also been voicing their support for the anti-apartheid revolutionary. “Mad Max: Fury Road” star Charlize Theron, a native of South Africa, has called Mandela her “hero,” and “Iron Man 3’s” Don Cheadle honored Mandela on stage at the BET Awards.
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