obama house of cards cameo Netflix CEO offers Obama 'House of Cards' cameo: 5 other shows the POTUS should guest star on

Looks like even the POTUS can’t escape getting hooked on an addictive TV show. Barack Obama is a fan of Netflix series “House of Cards,” so much so that the Netflix CEO offered him a cameo on the Kevin Spacey drama. Did the prez accept?

Well, not really. He didn’t say yes … but he didn’t say no either. 

Reed Hastings’ offered the guest spot on Tuesday (Dec. 17), right before a meeting discussing NSA surveillance between Obama and several tech industry CEOs, and after Obama asked Hastings if he had brought any advance screeners of “House of Cards” with him to the meeting (being the POTUS has to have its advance binge-watching perks, right?).

While Obama may not be showing up on “House of Cards” anytime soon, we couldn’t help but start daydreaming about where we’d like to see him show up on the small screen. Here are five series we’d love the president to guest-star on:

5. “Modern Family”

Obama has said that he loves to watch this ABC comedy with his daughters, so how much of a kick would it be for them to see their dad pop up in an episode? He could play a real estate rival of Phil’s, or a needy client looking to buy a closet from Jay and Claire, or a parent of a child that goes to school with Lily. Something fun and not at all connected to his real-life job.

4. “The Crazy Ones”

Robin Williams and the President in the same scene together? Now that’s just genius we have to see play out.

3. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Could you imagine the hijinks Jake and his fellow cops would get into working security for Obama during a New York press conference? Maybe the POTUS is the one person that gets Captain Holt star-struck. 

2. “Scandal”

Obviously the man in the oval office on “Scandal” is Fitz … but what if Obama became his rival in the upcoming election? Now that would be juicy. We don’t even know who we’d vote for (That’s a lie, Obama probably has less skeletons in his closet. Fitz is guilty of murder, after all).

1. “Parks and Recreation”

Leslie Knope has already achieved her dream of meeting Joe Biden, so it would be hilarious to watch her meet Obama … and not care at all.

Where do you want to see Obama pop up on TV?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum