netflix logo 750 Netflix considering DVD style bonus features for original showsBeen wishing there were some special features you could watch about the making of “Orange Is The New Black,” “House of Cards” or “Hemlock Grove”? Well, Netflix might be implementing them soon.

Netflix’s Vice President of Product Innovation Todd Yellin revealed at the GigaOm Mobilize conference that the company is considering testing bonus features for its original content shows similar to what consumers can find on DVDs. He also says that Netflix has been paying attention to second-screen applications as a possible way to create an immersive world for their shows.

“We’ll experiment with our originals,” Yellin says, via /Film. “If you are not testing things that fail, you are not testing aggressively enough. At Netflix, like any company, we have a certain number of chips to keep on innovating on our product. I want to keep on pushing those chips in the right thing to make a better and better user experience.”

A spokesperson confirms to PC Mag that “we’re thinking about testing [the special features].” Yellin says Netflix could potentially consider offering bonus features for partners as well if the extras for the company’s original content go over well.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz