orange is the new black netflix cable providers Netflix is coming to cable: TiVo DVRs to stream programming

Netflix: It’s not just for computers anymore. On Thursday (April 24), the online network announced that it would be launching directly into the television world via partnerships with TiVo DVRs and three cable networks.

Variety reports customers who get cable from RCN Communications, Atlantic Broadband and Grande Communications will be able to watch Netflix on their TVs, with Atlantic Broadband customers expected to get the channel as early as Monday (April 28). Those with existing Netflix accounts should be able to watch programming immediately, while those without accounts can get a free month’s subscription before signing up for the standard service.

The participating cable providers are comparatively tiny, cumulatively serving about 700,000 customers in a limited number of states. There is no word yet on whether Netflix expects to expand to larger providers like Comcast or Time Warner.

Although a TiVo will be required for any viewer wanting to view Netflix, Atlantic Broadband viewers will be able to find Netflix on their channel grid. Netflix programming — as well as some programming licensed to Netflix from other sources — like “House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black” and more will be available like other series.

Posted by:Laurel Brown