new girl prince super bowl episode gi 'New Girl': A Super Bowl episode with Prince?

“New Girl” is hitting the TV jackpot this winter. Not only will the show get a Super Bowl episode, but the comedy will also have a huge guest star: Prince.

First reported at — which cited an anonymous source at the show — Prince will play himself on the third-season comedy. The idea is that the “New Girl” characters will somehow interact with one of Prince’s superstar house parties. Additionally, Prince will somehow come between Jess and Nick in their relationship (according to E! Online)

“Prince actually reached out to the show,” the source says. “He is a big fan and wanted to do it. We were blown away and agreed immediately.”

Support for the possibility of Prince on “New Girl” first appeared on the Twitter account of Hannah Simone, who plays Cece on the show. On Wednesday (Dec. 11), the actress posted the following:

It does seem that this big news may indeed have been about Prince’s casting — a retweet from Prince’s band, Third Eye Girl, supports that.

Posted by:Laurel Brown