new girl coach damon wayans jr season 3 fox 'New Girl': Damon Wayans Jr. to stay all season as Coach

Damon Wayans Jr. has come back to “New Girl,” and it doesn’t sound like he’s leaving any time soon. Coach will remain on the comedy throughout Season 3.

An original cast member in the “New Girl” pilot, Wayans left the show and the role of Coach when he got one of the lead roles in ABC’s “Happy Endings.” Now that that show has been canceled, Wayans is free to come back to “New Girl.”

Coach’s triumphant return came in the most recent episode. The character’s absence was explained away by him having a girlfriend — thus, the return came about when said girlfriend dumped the guy. Despite a few bumps on reentry, “New Girl” didn’t seem to have much trouble bringing back this old friend.

That’s a good thing. According to, Wayans has signed on to appear throughout the rest of Season 3. Although not a regular cast member at this point, the actor will be billed as a special guest star.

Is the return of Coach a good thing? Can the loft handle the regular presence of another immature guy? Could Coach even change Cece’s mind about the value of the males of the species?

We now have an entire season to find out.

Posted by:Laurel Brown