new girl virgins jess zooey deschanel dylan obrien gifs fox 'New Girl' GIFs: Jess and Nick in bed and more animated clips from 'Virgins'

When an episode of “New Girl” features Jess and Nick having sex, Dylan O’Brien playing a guitar, Winston dancing with a stripper, and Schmidt with way too much lube, it’s impossible **not to have animated GIFs. Fortunately, the Internet universe knows this and quickly provided dozens of animations from “Virgins.”

These are some of the best. And yes, this collection includes Jess and Nick in bed. Many, many times.

Most of “Virgins” is made up of flashbacks, but the story actually starts in the bathroom and the present-day.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-bathroom-stall-teddy.gifSoon, however, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) tells the others about how she lost her virginity, a tale that begins on prom night with a mysterious, guitar-playing young man (O’Brien).

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-dylan-obrien-zooey-deschanel-prom.gifThat guy unfortunately leaves before anything could happen.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-dylan-obrien-guitar.gifCece (Hannah Simone) gets to tell her lost-virginity tale next. There is no tragedy in it, except maybe for the tragedy of Schmidt (Max Greenfield) associating Mick Jagger with the Beatles.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-schmidt-popcorn-beatlemania.gifThe embarrassment just continues for Schmidt, who once had to ask Nick (Jake Johnson) for sex advice. Nick, high on mushrooms, isn’t much help.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-shrooms-1.gifBut Schmidt doesn’t need Nick’s help. All he needs is lubricant.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-schmidt-nick-lube-1.gifLots of lubricant.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-schmidt-nick-lube-2.gifToo much lubricant?

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-schmidt-nick-lube-3.gifActually, Schmidt does end up needing Nick’s help.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-schmidt-nick-lube-4.gifWinston’s (Lamorne Morris) first-time story isn’t much better, since he loses his virginity to a prostitute named Mysteria.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-winston-stripper-penis-virgin.gifBut at least they have a fun night together.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-winston-stripper-dance.gifJess’ actual loss-of-virginity occurs when she meets her guitar hero years later. Lacking a good place for sex, the two end up in a mini-golf castle. Things don’t go so well.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-dylan-obrien-zooey-deschanel-castle-1.gifThere are tears.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-dylan-obrien-zooey-deschanel-castle-2.gifAnd then the lovebirds get stuck. At least Jess finally loses her virginity to a hot fireman named Teddy.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-dylan-obrien-zooey-deschanel-castle-3.gifOf course, the episode ends with the best part of all: Nick stops Jess from leaving for drinks with Teddy.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-elevator-nick-jess-1.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-elevator-nick-jess-2.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-elevator-nick-jess-3.gifTelling his “roomfriend” that they shouldn’t think about any of it, kissing is in order.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-kiss-nick-jess.gifWe see the two in bed at the very end, having finally done the deed.

new-girl-virgins-gif -fox-
nick-jess-sex-bed-1.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-jess-sex-bed-2.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-jess-sex-bed-3.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-jess-sex-bed-4.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-jess-sex-bed-5.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-jess-sex-bed-6.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-jess-sex-bed-7.gifnew-girl-virgins-gif -fox-nick-jess-sex-bed-8.gifHas anything ever been better or more GIF-worthy than this? The answer is almost definitely a strong no.

“New Girl” airs Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown