new girl music video 'New Girl' interactive music video: Which party do you like best?FOX unveiled the full-length video for “Hey Girl,” the Zooey Deschanel-sung theme song to the Zooey Deschanel-starring “New Girl.”

Naturally, the video is as quirky as its star — the choose your own adventure clip allows you to choose what scene comes next, clicking your pick of a variety of options as the song progresses. According to FOX, there are more than 950 possible permutations, though we were only able to get through the whole thing three times before we were adorable’d out.
Our favorite scene was the beach party option in the middle, though that could’ve had something to do with a shirtless Max Greenfield more than anything else. The toga option was quality as well, and so was the Broadway-inspired kick line at the end. Check out the video over at FOX and let us know what combos you come up with.
Posted by:Jean Bentley