We may have seen a lot of their recent sexual conquests, but that doesn’t mean we know anything about how that all began for the characters on “New Girl.”

Thanks to “Virgins,” however, we will. Oh will we ever!

All of this helpful “first time” information starts because Jess (Zooey Deschanel) gets a text from the guy who, to use Jess’ words, took her flower. This prompts all of the roommates — plus Cece — to share how each lost his or her virginity.

While we won’t be giving away any specifics here, you should know that sex, drugs, rock-and-roll and even death figure into the stories. Really. See if you can figure out how from these five “New Girl” spoilers:

1. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Fat Schmidt (Max Greenfield) didn’t have much game back in the day. He did, however, have a lot of lubricant and pickup lines involving cookies.

2. Throughout the various stories, “New Girl” gives us momentary audio bits of present-day reactions. There’s nothing better than a chorus of “Lame!” breaking in to a heartfelt story.

3. Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf”) plays a guitar-wielding young man who seems to always find Jess at moments of vulnerability. This is rather attractive to Jess.

4. Cece (Hannah Simone) does not win the “I had the worst first time” contest.

5. The final words spoken in “Virgins” originate from the classic cartoon, “Scooby Doo.”

“New Girl” airs Tuesday, April 30 at 8:58pm (FOX has chosen to start the show two minutes early for some reason).

Posted by:Laurel Brown