new girl season 2 premiere katie 'New Girl' Season 2 premiere re launches the roommates, what did you think?Man, it’s good to be back in the “New Girl” loft. Well, not necessarily if you’re Jess. Or Schmidt. Both roommates struggled during the first two episodes of Season 2, which saw Jess lose her job and Schmidt lose his penis cast. (At least one of those was a good thing.)

During “Re-Launch,” both Jess and Schmidt went through some major life changes. Jess lost her job at the school, and as she tried to figure out her next move, decided working as a shot girl with Parker Posey at Schmidt’s danger-themed penis cast removal party would be a great idea. After a season of this show, you know that was a terrible idea, and Jess failed miserably. Good thing Nick was there to help her through it.

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Schmidt struggled to come to terms with his breakup with Cece, but the two parted on good terms after his ridiculous party. In fact, by the time “Katie” rolled around, he was back to his old ways, trying (and failing) to hit on Winston’s sister.

“Katie” saw Jess try her hand at a new identity when a hot dude mistook her for his online dating match at a bar, and surprisingly, he still wants to date her after finding out the truth. No such luck for Nick’s beer distributor buddy Bear Claw, who has an unrequited crush on Jess that doesn’t work out in his favor.

Nick had the best B-story in this episode, when an old guy at his bar actually convinced him he was Nick from the future. You can guess how that turned out — Future Nick actually lives in a cardboard box behind the bar. He’s crazy.

All in all, we got two solid “New Girl” episodes that re-introduced us to the roommates we know and love and reminded us how great the show is. What did you think of “New Girl” episodes 1 and 2? Were you happy to see the gang back together?

Posted by:Jean Bentley