new girl season 3 finale jess nick poll fox 'New Girl' Season 3 finale: Did 'Cruise' give us the right Jess Nick result?

“New Girl” Season 3 is over, but did the finale episode, “Cruise,” give fans the ending that Jess and Nick should have had?

Despite a cruise filled with romantic activities — and despite Nick going in for a kiss at one point — the vacation turned out to be purely platonic. Jess and Nick are pretty obviously in to each other, no matter what their dating status, but they don’t want to act on it.

When even towel animals can’t inspire passion, there’s not much hope for romance, is there?

Yes, there can and probably will be more Nick-Jess romance in the future. But the present is more about bunk beds with Schmidt and a forced separation of these two messed-up soul mates.

The question now becomes: Is this a satisfying season finale for “New Girl” and for the romance of Jess and Nick? Or are you left wanting more? Vote in the poll below!

Posted by:Laurel Brown