new girl season 3 premiere all in jess schmidt winston fox 'New Girl' Season 3 premiere: Do Nick and Jess make it? Should they?

It says something about the insanity of the “New Girl” Season 3 premiere that the brand-new relationship between Jess and Nick is the healthiest one around. They certainly beat Schmidt and his two girlfriends. And it is absolutely no contest when compared to the Winston-Schmidt-puzzle dynamic of “All In.”

But can they make it? Should they? And how did Winston not know he was color blind?

This isn’t just a couple

One thing that the characters and the audience realize before the end of the episode is that no coupling of Nick and Jess can ever be about two people. There are four people in this relationship. Yes, it’s weird and a little creepy, but that’s how it has to go. As Jess puts it, “There is no ‘us’ without Schmidt and Winston.”

All evidence in “All In” makes this odd dynamic between the boys of “New Girl” very clear. Schmidt texts and calls Nick roughly 50 times per day. With Nick gone, the Schmidt-Winston relationship devolves into shouting matches over impossible puzzles and sewing panties together.

It’s not pretty. Jess is definitely going to have to share.

Can they transition from paradise to the loft?

At no point in the premiere episode do Nick and Jess actually enter their home. They do stand outside of the door for awhile, but going in seems to be too much to handle. While nothing but a clever setup in “All In,” this could prove to be an issue as the couple moves forward.

The question then becomes: Can Jess and Nick endure the reality of their own relationship?

Surprisingly, this episode makes it look like the answer could be yes. Both sides declare almost desperate love (“I’m not ready to lose you. I just got you, Jess. And I’m not letting you go.”) for the other — not that this is enough. Fortunately, we also get a glimpse of the true Nick-Jess dynamic, the one that exists far from paradise.

These two people argue. They argue loudly. Often they argue about silly things like keys and fish tanks. It’s just that those arguments have a tendency to end in passionate kissing.

As the show itself says, “This is so weird.”


Forget Nick and Jess. The relationships we should be concerned about all involve Schmidt. He could very well end up dead at the end of these.

No matter how complicated things could be between Jess and Nick, nothing can compare to the chaos and failure that is Schmidt in love. With two women. Granted, how could anyone really choose between Cece and Elizabeth?

Sooner or later, he has to, right? Alternatively, this **is one of the best advertisements for plural marriage ever. “New Girl” really may be all about the group love.

Posted by:Laurel Brown