new girl season 3 spoilers mexico sister nick jess fox 'New Girl' Season 3 spoilers: A trip to Mexico and a sister for Deschanel

“New Girl” Season 3 is coming soon, and it will bring with it a mishap-filled trip to Mexico and a sister for Jess. Spoilers about what is coming can be found here.

Don’t forget your passport

When traveling to Mexico, it is best to remember a passport. Nick does not. When he and Jess head south for a romantic vacation in the Season 3 premiere, problems follow (as reported by TVLine). Nick’s lack of documentation means that Schmidt and Winston have to come to the rescue.

That rescue goes about as well as you would expect for a rescue from Schmidt and Winston. It seems that all of this results in many encounters with a tazer and a rather aggressive security guard.

Sibling rivalry — will there be a real sibling?

Zooey Deschanel of “New Girl” and Emily Deschanel of “Bones” are real sisters starring in shows on the same network. But is there a chance that they could play sisters on “New Girl”?

Casting the busy Emily Deschanel (who is the mother of a toddler, in addition to her lead role on a drama series) may not be likely, but there will be a sister for Jess Day in Season 3. reports that the sister will arrive at some point this year. Series creator Liz Meriwether teases the character as being “trouble” and “fun.”

Let’s all just pray for some double-Deschanel fun in the process!

Posted by:Laurel Brown