“New Girl” is back, and things are as awkward as ever! Actually, things may be even more awkward than usual, because “Cabin” features a weekend trip to a cabin — Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Nick (Jake Johnson) and their respective significant others out in the woods? What could go wrong?

Fortunately and amusingly, a lot can go wrong.

As is probably no surprise whatsoever, the first of the promo videos shows how Jess has to work to convince Nick that he and Angie should come along to the cabin in the woods.

“You’re dating a stripper, I’m dating a tall, handsome doctor. We’re both kind of living the dream.” Jess speaks the truth, people. But Nick isn’t tempted by roasting marshmallows? What’s wrong with this guy?

At least Jess told Sam that she had invited Nick and Angie to come along for the weekend. This next scene might have been rather awkward otherwise.

You can probably guess what Nick and Angie do next. You may not guess that Jess and Sam play Boggle.

  • “New Girl” is always good for one-liners, but “I’ve never played sexy Boggle before” is one of the better ones.
  • We know that Angie (Olivia Munn) is an adventurous girl, but seriously — WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO DO WITH RIFLES WHILE THEY’RE HAVING SEX???
  • “Let’s go shoot things!”
  • I’m a big fan of Boggle, but even I would probably want to go play with the rifles instead of sitting inside when on a trip out in the woods.

Alas, playing with guns might not be the best idea for this group.

Or maybe it just wasn’t the best idea for Jess. No one else caused damage.

What are Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) up to while the others are wreaking havoc in nature?

Schmidt always has such good intentions! It’s really too bad that he is Schmidt.

Winston truly makes for the most awkward-looking Rastafarian ever. And Schmidt is so going to suffer for this.

“Cabin” airs on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 9pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown