“New Girl” is hosting Prince for its Super Bowl episode, and star Max Greenfield was excited to talk to Ellen DeGeneres about the guest star. Greenfield was a guest for the Friday (Jan. 31) episode of “Ellen” and talked about his show, his family and more.

While you can watch the video above, one of the highlights comes when DeGeneres asks Greenfield about being a Prince fan. “I am a huge Prince fan,” Greenfield replies. “It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. There was a scenario during the show where he’s singing onstage and the gang joins him onstage and we dance with Prince and he kind of moves off to the side, kind of where Mario [Lopez] would be, kind of behind the DJ booth.

“And I noticed that I was up against the DJ booth right next to him, and I’m dancing and his song’s on and I’d completely forgotten about the show or the character or acting at all. And I was like ‘I’m feeling this and I’m dancing!’ And I kind of looked over at him and he gave me a look: ‘Hey man, I’m kind of proud of you.’ But I also realized like what he was looking at was a 13-year-old at his Bar Mitzvah maybe and I didn’t want that to be the reality … I wanted it to be ‘Hey! Me and Prince are on the same level!'”

That’s not likely, but it’s amusing that Greenfield has the idea that Schmidt and Prince are the same.

The Super Bowl episode of “New Girl” airs after the game on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Posted by:Laurel Brown