jayson blair new normal 'New Normal's' Jayson Blair: 'Clay will have an evolution'
“The New Normal” is one of NBC’s newest comedies, which just got a full season order along with “Go On” and “Revolution.”

“New Normal” tells the story of Goldie, a surrogate for a gay couple that wants to have a baby. Jayson Blair (“The Hard Times of RJ Berger”) plays Goldie’s husband Clay, whom she leaves when she catches him cheating on her. But Blair tells Zap2it there is more to Clay than meets than eye.

“Clay will have an evolution for sure. We gotta have something to keep the story alive, you know? He loves his family more than anything. He just can’t help himself,” says Blair. “I don’t think it’s 100% his fault.”

“The way that I personally attack is that Clay’s not good at much and he probably isn’t even good at sex, but he thinks he’s the best at it. And Goldie doesn’t give him an opportunity to make love to her very often, so it’s the only thing he’s good at and it’s this void to fill up,” continues Blair. “So he goes off and does these horrible things.”

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t dedicated to trying to make it work with Goldie and their daughter.

“He’s a great father, at least that’s the way I approach it. He loves Shania more than anything,” says Blair. “He makes her breakfast, he tries to help out. I probably have a lot more going on with her at times than Goldie.”

As for the reaction the show has gotten, with the One Million Moms boycott and the Utah TV station choosing not to air the program, Blair says it’s a setback.

“I personally think we have progressed so much as a society that a lot of these opinions are a major setback for our whole country,” says Blair. “And that’s really sad, but people are entitled to their own opinions and the show is designed to make people think. I’ve heard completely positive responses from people I thought would react very differently.”

“The New Normal” airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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