In case the title of “Spartacus: Vengeance” wasn’t already a big enough tipoff, the latest trailer for the Starz series hammers home the point that the new season will be all about revenge.

The vengeance-seeking isn’t completely on the slaves’ side, though: The 90-second teaser opens with Gaius Claudius Glaber (Craig Parker) discussing the losses Rome has suffered to “this festering disease of rebellion,” and he later vows to “kill them all.”

Spartacus (Liam McIntyre), of course, has his own ideas about that and is vowing to gather an army of slaves to make the republic bleed. The trailer also features the usual array of well-choreographed and gruesome fight scenes, including one that ends with a gladiator having his entire face sliced off.

Also, Lucy Lawless shows off some extremely convincing crazy eyes as the not-dead Lucretia. Considering what she’s been through, Lucretia is probably entitled to a little madness.

“Spartacus: Vengeance” debuts Friday, Jan. 27 on Starz. What do you think of the new teaser?

Posted by:Rick Porter