New Year’s Eve can be a silly time when CNN turns its broadcast over to Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. This was indeed the case in 2013, when Griffin teased Cooper throughout the night. She capped off the whole thing by handcuffing herself to Cooper.

Too bad she forgot to bring a key for those cuffs. How did this happen?

About 35 minutes before midnight, a cheerful Griffin whipped out some handcuffs and attached her hand to Cooper’s. It almost seemed like Griffin couldn’t believe the situation herself afterwards. “You guys, I did it! And I don’t have a key at all,” the comedian exclaimed with a grin.

As for Cooper, he looked a little nervous about the odd situation but tried to joke about it. “This is truly my worst nightmare,” he said. “I will gnaw off my hand.”

5tfun New Year's Eve 2013: Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin handcuffed

It quickly became apparent that Griffin was not about to detach herself from Cooper any time soon. As the minutes ticked closer to midnight, the pair continued to report on events — mostly ignoring the handcuffs. Midnight came and went in New York City … and the handcuffs remained.

Just before the hosts were ready to sign off for the night, Cooper pointed out that there was an NYPD officer standing just off camera with a key that he “thought” would free Griffin and Cooper. The comedian wasn’t daunted by this and dared the police to arrest her — she figured the celebrity mug shot would be worth it.

Did Cooper and Griffin ever escape each other? Unfortunately for the CNN audience, the network cut away from New York and the coverage before a key was found. At least Cooper didn’t have to gnaw off his arm, as evidence by a Twitter post about an hour later:

Posted by:Laurel Brown