google doodle orange Newest Google Doodle honors the discoverer of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, we salute you. You are the vitamin that is fun to eat. You are a cheap, easy way to combat a cold. You legitimize the otherwise nonexistent nutritional content of gummi candy. You prevented scurvy back when there was scurvy. You come in delicious chewable form. Is there anything you can’t do?

After the mind-blowing epicness of the Freddie Mercury Google Doodle, many of us wondered how would Google top themselves? The answer: they didn’t even try. Instead, Google is honoring the birthday (Sept. 16) of Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi de Nagyrapolt, the physiologist who discovered Vitamin C. The Google Doodle is an understated collection of oranges; Szent-Gyorgyi was, after all, a Nobel Prize winner and not a mustachioed rockstar with a penchant for theatrics.

So here’s to you, Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi. You would have been 118, so we toast our nightly screwdriver to you. But for real, just watch that Freddie Mercury video again. EPIC!!!!

Posted by:janderson