the newsroom 2 'Newsroom' recap: Empty TrashIt turns out that picking your EP’s ex-boyfriend to profile you for New York magazine leads to a cover story called “The Greater Fool.” Ha ha ha! Brian is my favorite character on this show now. Will does not take the hit piece well because he is a giant insecure oversensitive baby, so he overdoses on a combination of Effexor, bourbon, and painkillers to wind up barfing blood and half-dead on his bathroom floor, where he is discovered by Terry Crews, MacKenzie and his doorman. When he wakes up two days later, MacKenzie is waiting to yell at him. He says he’s not going back to NewsNight. But we all know he will because we’ve already seen clips of his triumphant return broadcast. Suspense = killed. What finally convinces Will to go back to the only thing he’s not good at? His mean nurse’s old great aunt isn’t allowed to vote in the next election because of new voter fraud rules, and her story Must Be Told.

Meanwhile, Evil Gossip Lady Nina tells MacKenzie that she knows Will was high during the Bin Laden broadcast and just needs to find a second source to confirm it before she’ll be forced to tell the world in TMI. When Will mentions that he left MacKenzie a voicemail that night that she never talked to him about, Charlie realizes that MacKenzie never heard the voicemail because TMI‘s crack phone-hacking team got to it first, listened to it and then deleted it. And since Will mentioned in the message that he was high, that’s how TMI knew what happened – not because, say, Neal’s girlfriend told them. Oh, and speaking of Neal? His grand plan to try to out the troll responsible for the death threat leads to 100 more death threats. Nice going, idiot. On the plus side, I think that means we’ll get more Terry Crews next season!

It’s a good thing Charlie figured out that crucial phone-hacking clue, because Solomon Han****ends up giving him absolutely nothing on it and then, when Charlie tells him they can’t use him as a source for the NSA stuff because he kind of seems like a crazy person, Han****jumps off a bridge. But he still serves his purpose, as Charlie, MacKenzie, and Will (now out of the hospital, back at work, and making crude comments to Leona about how she should pose for Playboy) meet with Leona and Reese to try to trick Reese into admitting that he ordered Will’s phone hacked. Because Reese is a moron, he does. Leona has no choice but to keep Will at ACN and let him go anti-Tea-Party crazy or else her son might go to jail. She also has to shut down TMI, so there goes your job, Nina!

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