the newsroom 2 'Newsroom' recap: Even God Hates This ShowCasey Anthony is on trial, and Nancy Grace just stole all of NewsNight‘s viewers because Will and MacKenzie refuse to pay any attention to the trial the rest of America wants to see. Charlie orders them to do it in order to get the ratings back (since Leona will be able to fire Will easily if they don’t), and Will agrees. MacKenzie throws like eight hissy fits. Also complicating matters is the presence of a reporter for New York magazine trying to do a profile of NewsNight. He also happens to be the guy with whom MacKenzie cheated on Will. Will chose him to write the profile for that exact reason. He realizes that might mean he’s not making much progress in getting over MacKenzie. The psychiatrist whose session he interrupted agrees.

Meanwhile, Charlie goes to the library to meet Late for Dinner. They recap basically the entire last episode and Late for Dinner informs Charlie that the NSA is illegally listening to citizens’ phone calls and somehow so is AWM. Leona doesn’t know about it. Reese does. Jim is assigned to vet Late for Dinner as a source so Will doesn’t get “Dan Rathered.” That is not how you want your name to be used as a verb.

And in the annals of the lesser characters, Neal pitches a story about internet trolls that requires him to go deep undercover. A regular Nellie Bly, he is. Dr. Dr. Sloan is furious that her boring economy news about the debt ceiling isn’t given enough airtime because Americans would rather watch the Casey Anthony trial. And Maggie goes on an anti-Bachmann Christianity rant before being assigned to produce a segment about the lowest of the very low: a woman who had a Twitter-fling with Anthony Weiner. Fortunately, God – no doubt pleased with Maggie’s earlier speech – turns the lights out before the horrible Weiner weiner segment can be taped. To be continued!

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