chris-soules-marquel-martin- next-bachelor-ABC.jpg“The Bachelorette: Men Tell All” special has aired, which means it’s time to start wondering who the next “Bachelor” will be.

No decision has been made yet (at least not when they filmed the “Men Tell All” special), but it seems fairly apparent that Chris Soules and Marquel Martin are the frontrunners. They are definitely fan-favorites. But are they ready to be “The Bachelor”? Zap2it‘s got the scoop.

“It’d be something I would be excited about,” says Soules. “Being on the other side would be — not easier, but just being able to meet that high caliber of women. I mean, I know the caliber of men that were on this show. From day one, I was always impressed and like, ‘Wow, how am I even here?’ I truly felt that way. To be able to have the opportunity to date 25 women of that caliber would be a unique thing for a guy from Arlington, Iowa.”

We did have to ask Chris about the Iowa thing — we’re from Iowa and we love it, but we can see why it might be a hurdle for a woman, asking her to move to Iowa and live on a farm. Soules says he definitely realizes how hard it might be.

“Yes, I would definitely be worried about that,” says Soules. “But I know that the way things work is that people would know — they have the opportunity to say no before they get here. They’re coming into it a little more aware [of who I am].”

Chris Harrison adds, “That’s the whole point of finding the right match for that guy and it does take a particular woman who would move to Iowa and live on a farm. But I think there are a milion women out there who would happily line up. And that’s our job, to find those women. But even those women who say they will, when push comes to shove, will they really do it? We’ll have to see.”

As for Marquel Martin, he says he would have to think long and hard about being the next “Bachelor” if asked.

“It humbles me, I’m so flattered,” says Martin. “It’s not something I had even fathomed when I left after five episodes. I didn’t think I was that big with the fans, it’s just shocking. I would strongly consider it, but it’s a big decision. It’s a lot of responsibility. I can’t imagine all the emotions Andi went through and you stack on being the first black ‘Bachelor’? That’d be a lot. Am I ready for it? I don’t know.”

Who do you hope is the next “Bachelor,” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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