chad ochocinco soccer gi NFL Lockout: How Chad Ochocinco, Adrian Peterson and more are occupying their timeWith the 2011 football season at risk due to the current NFL lockout, players are keeping busy in more ways that one. QBs Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, among several other players, have filed lawsuits against the NFL in an attempt to block the lockout, while some other players are using their free time to give back.

10 players including Adrian Peterson, Bryant McKinnie, Santonio Holmes, Vernon Davis and Roy Williams spent a week in Uganda aiding locals, according to TMZ.  The footballers helped out in a wide variety of ways, including digging water wells for schools, putting in time at a local nursery and even fitting over 3,000 people with hearing aids. They also passed out mislabeled championship shirts that were leftover from the Jets’ January loss.

“I will remember this experience for the rest of my life,” McKinnie says of the charity mission. Adding, “I will most definitely be back next year.”

As for Chad Ochocinco (or is it Chad Johnson?), the Cincinnati Bengal is staying in shape as a bench warmer for Sporting Kansas City. He’s currently sitting pretty on the reserve team for the soccer club — something he’s actually thrilled about.

“Making the reserve team and playing in that game, that’s the equivalent of someone walking on to practice with the Miami Heat and making the practice squad. I’m just extremely happy right now,” he says. “If you could see the smile on my face right now. I was able to fulfill a dream of playing professional soccer.”

Adding, “With soccer it’s like playing eight straight quarters in a football game and not taking a drink. When this lockout ends and after these workouts I’m going to be in ridiculous shape.”

Not all players are being so productive, though. Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys has been getting into trouble left and right, though much of it stems from his already poor reputation.

He and his posse were asked to leave a mall for violating it’s dress code. Shortly after, he was slapped with two lawsuits totaling over $860,000 in unpaid jewelry, sporting-event tickets and cash advances. This is not good news when you’re unemployed.

A turning point in the current labor dispute won’t be reached until April 6, when a federal judge will decide if the lockout can continue or not. Until then, we’re sure the shenanigans (both good and bad) will continue. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci