nick cannon kca Kids Choice Awards: Nick Cannon talks slime, kids and pop culture“I call myself the curator of pop culture,” Nick Cannon pronounced confidently as he marched down the orange carpet Saturday (March 31) at Nickelodeon’s 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards.

Accompanied by his latest project, a boy band called 4Count, the “America’s Got Talent” host talked to Zap2It about comedy, kids and what slime — that mysterious green substance that ends up on a least a few celebs each year — actually is.

“It’s tapioca pudding!” explains the star. “At least, every time I’ve been slimed it is. It’ll get stuck in your ear for like a week, and you’re like ‘What is that smell? Oh, pudding.”
Cannon, who’s married to pop superstar Mariah Carey, recently welcomed twins, Moroccan and Monroe into the family, and says that as a new dad he now takes time to focus on the little things.
“I’m learning every day,” says Cannon. “It sounds so clich� because everyone says, ‘Oh, you see life so differently once you have children,’ but you really do! Even now, I’m seeing kids out tonight that I remember were kids and now they’re like 15, and I’m like ‘Okay, that happened over night.’ It makes you want to go home and take all the pictures and savor every moment because truly it passes you by so fast.”

As for his budding youngsters, it appears Morrocan may be the one graced with his parents’ talent.
“You know what’s crazy? My son has been drumming since he’s like 3 months,” laughs the star, who also says he would only encourage such aspirations if he had to.

“Mariah would say ‘yes;’ dad would be like, ‘Ooo I don’t know.’ It’s definitely a tough business and it’s one of those things like, clearly, if that’s his passion, I’m not gonna stop him. But I’m gonna try and get him in other directions. Like astrophysics.”

Cannon spoke briefly about his recent health scare, too, saying he’s now in “tip-top shape” thanks to “Dr. Carey,” and gave a little hint about what to expect from his forthcoming comedy special.
“I’ll be talking about everything,” he says. “I mean that’s why I can sit here and talk to y’all for hours. My whole health experience, having babies, everything under the moon. I’ll talk about what’s going on in pop culture.”
nick cannon kca2 Kids Choice Awards: Nick Cannon talks slime, kids and pop culture

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