nick lachey vanessa minnillo Nick Lachey will never do another reality series... but a reality special is fineNick Lachey‘s marriage to Jessica Simpson was aired on televisions across the world on MTV’s “Newlyweds,” but these days, the former 98 Degrees frontman says he’ll never do another reality show again. That is, after he invites TLC reality cameras to his wedding to Vanessa Minnillo.

“This is very different than doing a reality series. It’s a one-off
special,” he insists to People. “This is a different process. There’s a beginning and
there’s and end, and it’s over.”

Though the couple hasn’t shared the date of their upcoming nuptials, it’s rapidly approaching — both husband and wife have enjoyed their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties already. Lachey’s was interrupted by a “mini Vanessa,” who showed up with a ball-and-chain cake sent over by Minillo.

Lachey looks forward to starting a family with his new wife once the rings are on the fingers.
“We definitely want to do together and do it sooner rather than later,” he says of having children. “I’ll be 38 this year, so it’s one of those things that I’m certainly behind the eight-ball on. Not that getting married was the means to an end to have kids, but it certainly was the next step in the process that leads us to ultimately having a great family together.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie