nick swisher joanna garcia gi Nick Swisher, Joanna Garcia plan Afghanistan honeymoonWe’re guessing this won’t become a trend, but kudos to Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia for planning a honeymoon in Afghanistan. The Yankee outfielder and his bride, a star of ABC’s “Better Without You,” plan to visit U.S. troops in Afghanistan in November.

Technically, it isn’t a honeymoon. It’s just the first trip the couple has taken since marrying in December 2010, according to the New York Post.

“Three military officers came to the Yankee locker room and asked if any of us would like to visit the troops,” said Swisher. “My hand went straight up, I said, ‘I’m in.’ I knew Joanna would want to go. It will be our first trip since we got married.”

“We are both really looking forward to visiting the troops,” said Garcia. “Yes, it isn’t a traditional honeymoon, but it is something we both feel strongly about. We’ll probably make a stop in Europe on our way back.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson