nicole richie tca 2014 gi 'Candidly Nicole': Nicole Richie brings her 'real life comedy' to VH1Nicole Richie’s web series “Candidly Nicole” is making the leap to VH1. Her inquisitive sensibility — and willingness to let people laugh at her — however, are remaining intact.

“When I started the web series, I thought of a way to really explore and learn and have fun with it,” Richie says Friday (July 11) at the summer TV press tour. “And I love being the butt of a joke, and I’m happy to do that, and I love finding out about things, about even trends that I don’t necessarily know about. I mean, we discuss things from online dating, which is something that I think all of us married women are curious about because we never got to really do it. And so, you know, this show has been an opportunity for me to, you know, could do in a fun and lighthearted way and, you know, really just to make people laugh.”

The VH1 show at times almost plays like a sketch-comedy show, as one critic points out, and Richie acknowledges that she has outlines she follows in the course of filming.

“How I like to describe the show is real life comedy,” she says. “There are scripted shows, and there are reality shows, and then there are some that are just kind of in between. … When I started doing this on the web, I was kind of interviewing different people and stepping into their lives and actually getting some real info, and so that’s how we approach the show. You know, I love to learn, and I like to explore, and I like to have fun. So I’ve created a space where I can do all three.

“So by you feeling it’s a bit of a sketch show, you are a little bit right. It’s a tongue firmly planted in cheek, very fun type of show.”

“Candidly Nicole” premieres at 10 p.m. ET/PT Thursday (July 17) on VH1.

Posted by:Rick Porter