nikita falling ash devon sawa 520 'Nikita': Devon Sawa returns as Owen for a 'jaw dropper' and another dose of the RegimenThe Season 2 premiere of “Nikita” set up a new world inside and out of Division — and in the interest of keeping up the pace, the Sept. 30 episode, “Falling Ash,” brings back a familiar ally.

Devon Sawa returns for his fifth appearance as fellow AWOL-er Owen.

Tensions may have previously run high, but a mutual interest in Division’s P9 program finds him teaming up with Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West). And for Owen, it’s all about survival.

“His supply is running out,” Sawa tells Zap2it of Owen’s sanity-restoring Regimen. A doctor within P9 may hold the key to getting him off it for good. “He’s not the Tasmanian Devil, he’s actually stable, but he is worried because its running low. He’s got to find a way to get more or come off of it — or he’ll go nuts again.”

As you might imagine, this does not initially set well with Michael, but as Sawa sees it, his character isn’t much of a threat to Mikita.

“There’s no feelings of ill will for the relationship [between] Michael and Nikita,” says Sawa. “I think Michael’s guard is coming down a little bit. We even have one scene, [where] there’s a bit of a man-nod.”

We’re sure there’s some small contingency of fans that will please, but what about anyone rooting for Nikita and Owen?

nikita falling ash devon sawa 250 'Nikita': Devon Sawa returns as Owen for a 'jaw dropper' and another dose of the Regimen“I think that would be too predicable,” says Sawa. “I think the Nikita/Owen relationship is like a brother-and-sister relationship. They get each other. They both lost loved ones because of Division. They’re both real people, and that’s why they can’t just be assassins.”

… not that they aren’t good at it.

And while you can’t expect the same level of butt-kicking and fisticuffs Owen brought with him during his last visit in Season 1, there is some on the horizon.

“I spoke to the writers and apparently there’s going to be a lot of action coming up for Owen,” says Sawa, who isn’t sure just how many episodes that will entail, only that he’s  “sticking around.”

Fans will have wait for “Falling Ash” and its much-hyped revelation to see how that might play out.

“I would say the last scene of this episode is a jaw-dropper,” says Sawa. “You don’t see it coming, and when fans see it, it’s going to be like, holy s***. Excuse my language.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell