nikita melinda clarke 320 'Nikita' recap: If at First You Don't Succeed, Try Triad AgainOn “Nikita”: Okay, so, six years ago, Nikita got her first mission. She had to pretend to be a nanny in order to ingratiate herself into the family of one Victor Han, working for the newly minted Homeland Security. Naturally, she came to like Victor, his wife and their infant daughter, but she was forced to carry through with the mission. With the wife and baby away, Nikita planted an explosives-filled doll in Victor’s home.

In the present day, Nikita figures out that it was the Triads that ordered the hit on Victor.
When Nikita hunts them down, she first gets the wife and daughter to safety. Nikita targets a Triad-operated sweatshop ring, freeing the slave laborers and working her way up the chain of command. When she starts getting close to the top, she discovers that Victor Han is not only still alive, but rather high up in the Red Circle Triad, and that he and Percy faked his death. Nikita confronts Victor and takes him down with a kiss. Literally. Victor is allergic to peanuts and Nikita used a peanut-oil lipstick. Yeah, we know.

She accomplishes most of this without Alex’s usual help, because Alex is busily fighting her own past demons back at Charm School. A training exercise sparks a claustrophobic panic attack that forces her to relive her parents’ fiery death. Amanda, in her own helpful way, drugs Alex and wraps her up in a straitjacket that will only come off once Alex chills out. She tells Amanda the circumstances of her parents’ death (fudging the details but keeping the emotion) and masters her own fears.

At the end, Michael has a chance to shoot Nikita, but lets her escape to return Han to justice. In flashback, we find that Michael works for Percy because he owes Percy his life. So Michael’s not a bad little otter, just loyal to the wrong man.

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