nikita lyndsy fonseca 320 'Nikita' recap: Spy GamesNikita starts the “Nikita” episode a little off her game, judging by the fact that Thom, in his graduation mission, is able to beat her to the scene and assassinate a woman she’s trying to rescue. Thom is distressed that this woman, Anna, seemed like an innocent. Alex is distressed, too, because now sweet Thom is tainted.

Nikita digs into Anna’s life and finds she was a low-level intern in a government job, and appeared to be having an affair with an important senator. Anna’s bartender ex-boyfriend is devastated. A little more digging and Nikita finds out Anna was pregnant, presumably with the senator’s child. The senator is the one who hired Division to kill her under the guise of protecting national security. Even though that was a ruse, it turns out to be 100% true, as Nikita finds out when she goes to question Anna’s parents and ends up captured by Anna’s Russian spy handlers instead.

Anna’s mission was to seduce the senator and weasel some good ol’ American secrets out of him for Gogol, the Russian equivalent of Division. Ari, a Gogol bigwig, forces Nikita into agreeing to kill the crooked senator by injecting her with a toxin. The only way for her to get the antitoxin is to carry through with the assassination. She agrees, but contacts Alex once she’s loose. Alex gets herself into the Division medical facility, steals the antitoxin and plants it on Thom when she learns he’ll be protecting the senator that night at a party. (She also plants a kiss on him — hubba.)

Nikita manages to knock out and/or distract all the Division field agents at the party, nab the antitoxin from Thom and use the senator as a human shield as she escapes. Girl is smooth. And busy. At the end, Ari offers her a deal: Work for Gogol and he’ll help her take down Percy and Division. Nikita knows he’s just trying to maneuver Gogol into a more powerful position, so she turns him down. But she doesn’t kill him, either, so we’ll have to see what comes of that. Also, she rescues an adorable Boston terrier (named Yoshi!) somewhere in there. Like I said, girl is busy.

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