nikita possible season 4 renewal maggie q lyndsy fonseca cw 'Nikita' Season 4 farewell previewed at Comic Con 2013“Nikita” hit San Diego for its last ever Comic-Con International panel to give fans a preview of the final six episodes.

Executive producer Craig Silverstein noted he’s glad the show will have the opportunity to wrap things up in a fourth season, even if it’s abbreviated. “Hopefully knowing it’s gonna finish lets us end it with an exclamation point,” he said.

“I think what it means is you get right to the good stuff,” Silverstein added. “You don’t have that slower build-up. The way our seasons end really fast and things happen one right after the other, that’s how we’re gonna start this season. Not take our foot off the peddle until the very end.”

Series star Maggie Q admitted she’s not quite ready for things to end. “I don’t know about you guys but when I found out about the last order my initial question was nothing to do with the show it was to do with these people [Q’s co-stars and fellow panelists] and the crew, the family we’ve built up,” Q said. “My heart hurt. I have a very deep love for them and I’m gonna miss them.”

“But like Craig was saying, we get to end this show with such integrity and our heads high,” she added. “I want it to go out and have everybody feel full but still a little hungry, so hopefully that’ll happen.”

As for what’s going to happen in the final episodes, production is just about to begin and the stars were understandably tight-lipped. But Q confessed she’s really looking forward to seeing what happens next between Nikita and Michael. “It was a weird way to leave it,” Q said about the Season 3 relationship cliffhanger. “But it was a decision made purely out of love. I really want to get into it. She left because she loved this man.”

“Michael may have gotten dark again, especially after the end of Season 3,” Shane West added. “It’s gonna be a really fun dynamic to play, in a smaller amount of time with the six episodes but it means it’s even more important. He’s always gonna worry and he’s always gonna love Nikita but I think this is really gonna put their relationship to the test.”

Lyndsy Fonseca said she’s excited to find out what’s next for Alex. “Alex has been through a lot. When we first met her she was so young and in a delicate place. We ended last year with the question, ‘What do I do?’

“She doesn’t have to hide from anyone. She is a real person and has a public persona, she’s gonna take advantage of that. But it’s a tricky balance to be a spy by night.”

Silverstein also revealed that the new lair will be an active airplane that allows the team worldwide mobility. “We’re never gonna top Nikita’s lair from first season and we knew that,” Silverstein said. “We couldn’t go back to a hideout again and so we’re gonna be in the sky.”

And Silverstein teased fans probably haven’t seen the last of Percy Rose (Xander Berkeley). Melinda Clarke seemed especially excited about the idea of Percy flashbacks.

One fan holding out hope for even more “Nikita” after Season 4 asked if there’s been any overtures to continue the show via Amazon, Hulu or another outlet, but Silverstein said he hasn’t heard anyone discussing that. At least not yet.

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