nikita wanted premiere 'Nikita' Season 4 premiere recap: Nikita's the most 'Wanted' woman in the world

Spoiler alert: do not read the following until you have watched Friday (Nov. 22) night’s “Nikita” Season 4 premiere, “Wanted” …

We knew we were in for a fast-paced, shocking, dramatic, action-packed Season 4 since there are only six episodes to wrap up the entire series of “Nikita.” But the opening minutes of the Season 4 premiere was so disturbing that it completely threw us off. Michael found Nikita wandering in the woods, but before she knew it, she was surrounded by the dead bodies of her old team. Was this some kind of horrifying flash-forward, showing us how the spy series would end?

Nope, it was just a dream. Nikita was on the run in the woods in Canada, about to cross back into the United States after 100 days on the run since the (double of the) President of the United States shot herself and framed Nikita — and 100 days since she had any contact with her team.

As the most wanted woman in the world, Nikita has a few dust-ups with local law enforcement — who completely underestimate her — before breaking in to the Equinox News Network to ally with a news anchor who’s been asking the man in charge of the FBI hunt for Nikita all the right questions. She hopes that the skeptical guy can help her get the word out that she’s actually an innocent woman (though she doesn’t know yet just why the “President” shot herself).

But after a few questions of her own (and a gun pointed at him), she finds out he’s just another one of Amanda’s pawns. She sent him a cell phone and has been anonymously texting him what to ask on air in order to draw Nikita out, and Nikita played right into Amanda’s plan. The FBI surrounded the building, and it looked like Nikita was out of luck.

But don’t count Nikita out yet. Her old team — Birkhoff, Ryan, and even a glowering, shut-down Michael — get the alert that the FBI is about to catch Nikita, and swoop in to save the day. They had been looking for her ever since she bailed on them 100 days ago, and even though she left to avoid them being caught in the line of fire, she should have known better. They’ve been working tirelessly to figure out what Amanda did, and to help clear Nikita’s name. Even Alex is using her double life — Russian heiress and philanthropist by day, spy by night — to try and pin down what The Shop is doing with human trafficking in Mumbai with Sonya, until Sam (no longer Owen) intercepts her in his mission to get revenge against Amanda.

Besides Michael’s moodiness and closed-off-ness (he was essentially dumped by Nikita, after all), Ryan is the most different out of anyone since his Division days. He’s so caught up in all his conspiracy theories that he’s even got a “Homeland” style “wall of crazy” in the new team lair — an awesome plane rigged with all of Birkhoff’s tech — trying to figure out just what Amanda’s planning.

With Michael on the ground blackmailing the lead FBI agent in charge of the investigation and Birkhoff and Ryan running point in their lair, they’re able to get Nikita out of the building. Michael and Nikita agree on a rendezvous point (How heartbreaking was their tense, strained reunion? Obviously Michael will always have Nikita’s back, but he’s clearly hurting), but the agent shoots Nikita as she’s driving away (and we find out soon after that he’s actually one of Amanda’s doubles, and blows up the journalist Nikita gave her intel to). Alone once more and seriously injured, will she be able to meet up with her team? Will she stay with them if she does? So many questions, and only five episodes left before “Nikita” ends for good.

“Nikita” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum