nikita season 4 premiere 'Nikita' Season 4 scoop: When will Nikita rejoin the team? Plus, the series finale title revealed

When we last saw our favorite assassin-turned-heroine Nikita (Maggie Q), she had abandoned her team — and fiancé — to go on the run, sparing them from the line of fire as she was the public face of the President of the United State’s death. But when “Nikita” returns for Season 4, don’t expect her martyrdom to last forever.

“The first episode starts with her on the run,” Lyndsy Fonseca tells TVLine. “And by the end of it, she’s back with the team.” But before she rejoins Alex, Michael, Birkhoff, et al., Nikita must first leave the rough crowd she’s been keeping with during her time on the run.

And though the season premiere has yet to air, it’s already time to start preparing for the Season 4 finale … a.k.a. the “Nikita” series finale, as Season 4 is only six episodes and will be the definitive end of the show.

“Nikita” writer/producer Albert Kim shared the title page of the series finale script on Twitter, revealing the name of the episode: “Canceled.” Not only is that a clever meta-wink, but it also suggests that someone is getting canceled on the show … could it be that Nikita and the gang finally take out Amanda? Or will we be saying goodbye to one of the good guys as a casualty in the war against Amanda and The Shop?

“Nikita’s” final season premieres midseason on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum