nikita series finale canceled spoilers 'Nikita' series finale: 10 spoilers from Nikita's last mission in 'Canceled'

It’s finally here: the end of “Nikita.”

It’s been a wild ride in Season 4 as Nikita and her team found their way back to each other to finish off their final mission: take down Amanda and The Shop/The Group. We got only six episodes to wrap up The CW’s spy thriller, and “Nikita” packed as much story and character development it could into those final hours. And on Friday (Dec. 27), it all comes to head in the series finale, “Canceled.”

The hour is so intense you’ll forget that it’s only one hour, and the brilliant masterminds behind “Nikita” came up with an ending so perfectly shocking that you’ll hate yourself for not believing in them throughout the episode. Yes, we know that’s kind of vague, but believe us, you don’t want us spoiling any part of the ending. It’s just perfect.

So what can we tell you? Here are 10 spoilers from the Season 4/series finale of “Nikita” …

10. This might be the series finale, but the episode goes all the way back to the beginning to start things off. Seeing the juxtaposition of Nikita as she entered Division for the first time to the Nikita we know now is jarring. She’s a completely different person … or is she?

9. The flashback also tells us something new about how far Nikita and Michael have come as a couple. You’ll want to slap Michael for something he says when he first meets Nikita.

8. Throughout “Canceled,” Nikita struggles with one question that Amanda posed to her all those years ago: “Who will you be?”

7. Nikita and Alex teamed up at the end of “Bubble,” and they mean business in the final hour. It’s so awesome to see the original twosome back together for the final episode since Season 4 has kept them frustratingly separate until now. 

6. As Nikita and Alex work to take out the remaining leaders of The Group, Michael and the rest of the team start to lose faith in Nikita and how far she’ll go to finish the mission … and so will viewers. We can’t say much about this, but Nikita gets to a really dark place.

5. But like we said earlier, the showrunners behind “Nikita” are brilliant in how they mapped out the series finale. Trust them. 

4. Ryan’s death in “Bubble” obviously affected Nikita and the team and motivated them to finish taking down Amanda, but Ryan still has one last gift to give Nikita. He truly is the hero of Season 4.

3. There’s a great callback to the issue of the black boxes that dominated Seasons 1-3, but Nikita’s stance on it has shifted. 

2. Amanda is at the top of her manipulation game in the episode and is always two steps ahead of Nikita. There is one scene in particular that will make viewers sick to their stomachs.

1. While we can’t reveal whether the ending is happy or sad, we can say that it’s perfect for the series. We’ve gotten to know these character for four seasons now and the showrunners thankfully didn’t sacrifice any character development in favor of tying up loose ends. It’s satisfying, nostalgic, and right.

The “Nikita” series finale airs Friday (Dec. 27) at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum