Maggie Q couldn’t be more different from her alter ego.

During Zap2it‘s visit to the “Nikita” set in Toronto on Aug. 11, the series’ star not only refrains from putting the hurt on me but also greets me warmly, recognizing me from my previous interview with her at Comic-Con.

The cheery Ms. Q submits to Zap2it’s 5 Quickies above — touching on who in the cast has the best nickname and her dream guest star — before settling down in Toronto’s dimly lit nightclub the Roosevelt Room to discuss what’s going on in the episode she’s shooting.

“Nikita,” which premieres Sept. 9 on The CW, centers on the titular assassin (Maggie Q), who goes rogue and vows to take down the Division, the shadowy agency that trained her. Her return isn’t an easy one though.

“The theme of this episode is forgiveness,” says Q. “Nikita figures out day by day that a lot of the things that she believed were true may not be. A lot of the things she trusted, may be the exact opposite. So this is about how she’s able to come to terms with the things that she’s done in her life. It’s kind of like a 12-step program. This is maybe the first step in that.”

Nikita’s journey to right wrongs takes her to a New York nightclub, which of course is shot in the Roosevelt Room where we’re chatting.

nikita set roosevelt room 'Nikita' set visit: Maggie Q's dream guest star and a look inside her lair“This is the scene where Nikita is staking out a nightclub,” she says. “There’s a target inside that she wants to get to, and her mission becomes doubly difficult when she arrives because her old agency is staking out the club as well.”

Nikita isn’t without her resources though. On the regular “Nikita” set, I scope out her secret lair, which is a spacious loft with very little furnishings besides a Spartan bed, computer desk and vanity. You may recall catching glimpse of the lair in the promos, but then again, Maggie Q was often traipsing around in lingerie in those scenes, so maybe you won’t recall. 

nikita set lair 01 'Nikita' set visit: Maggie Q's dream guest star and a look inside her lairI can’t resist playing Nikita for a bit and make myself at home at a familiar perch — in front of a keyboard.

nikita set lair 02 hanh 'Nikita' set visit: Maggie Q's dream guest star and a look inside her lairDone goofing around, I spot the clothes rack, wigs on the vanity and sparkly clutches. Nikita must be prepared for any situation, and that means wearing a variety of outfits and disguises.

nikita set lair 03 wigs 'Nikita' set visit: Maggie Q's dream guest star and a look inside her lairOn the production’s call sheet, Scene 33 reads: “Nikita peels off disguise.” Naturally we’re curious what camouflage she’s whipped up to infiltrate the nightclub. Socialite? Designated driver? Dragon lady?

“No,” Q says with a laugh. “I’m in a hat. Nikita is covered a little and also between a whole bunch of people, and it’s in the melee that happens outside that she’s able to get in. So it’s not the disguise that gets her in, but the brouhaha.”

Check back for more from Zap2it’s “Nikita” set visit including interviews with Melinda Clarke, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca and Part II of Maggie Q.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen