melinda nikita 'Nikita's' Melinda Clarke reveals 'somebody dies in the finale'Break out your finest black attire for the Season 1 finale, “Nikita” fans.

Why you ask? Because you’ll be mourning yet another character.

Two characters have already died this season (Thom and Jaden, may they rest in peace); Now, another one will bite the dust by season’s end.

Zap2it just chatted with Melinda Clarke — who showed off Amanda’s violent (and bad-ass) side in the final moments of last Thursday’s shocking episode — and she revealed that viewers will be saying goodbye to another character in the season finale, “Pandora,” on Thursday, May 12.

“I can say that somebody dies in the finale,” Clark tells us.

Naturally, we had to ask Clarke if she’s nervous Amanda could be the next Division player on the chopping block. Her answer might surprise you.

“Hopefully the show continues for three or four seasons or even more, but my opinion is that by the time we know the show is ending, I would say that Amanda might die,” she says. “She died in the other series and all the baddies might have to go away at some point. Anybody can be knocked off. We still need to have good and bad, so hopefully Amanda has a lot more!”

“Nikita” has yet to be renewed by The CW, but Clarke feels pretty confident about the show’s chances for a second season. “A lot of shows, the freshman year is the best year and other shows have better years to come and I think this show will just keep getting  better because now we’ve really established important relationships and I think what audiences love is the connection between people. We have this high production value and the show looks amazing.”

She continues, “Season 2 could be really, really exciting and I’m hoping — personally — that it has a lot to do with the relationships because in the finale, there’s a moment, for me as an actor, there’s one line where you see her as
a human being. Well, there’s a few moments, but she’s doing what needs
to be done.” 

If Amanda does live to see Season 2, Clarke hopes to learn more about Amanda’s back story, but believes less is more. “I think it would be smart to do it very minimally, a little bit here and there. There’s so many stories to tell, but I want to keep this character mysterious because it keeps it scary, dangerous and unexpected.”

If you thought Amanda was scary at the end of last week’s episode (Hello, heel to the throat!), you might want to watch Thursday’s episode, “Betrayals,” with your hands over your eyes because Clarke says Amanda’s gloves are coming off. 

“Even though the audience hasn’t seen it, she’s constantly working behind the scenes to know what’s going on. I think she knew something was going on but she’s so patient and so controlled and so elevated, which is why she’s playing this game,” Clarke teases. “She’ll still be playing this game in the next two episodes and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is in really deep sh-t.”

“Nikita’s” “Betrayals” — the penultimate Season 1 episode — airs tomorrow, Thursday, May 5, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Who do you think will die in “Nikita’s” season finale on Thursday, May 12, Zappers?

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