chloe king salvation script 'Nine Lives of Chloe King: Salvation': Did Chloe choose Brian or Alek?

Although the former ABC Family series, “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” was canceled after a brief 10-episode season, the network and Alloy Entertainment gave fans a chance to get closure by releasing the script for the two-hour movie, “The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Salvation,” online.

The series’ conclusion was posted on Alloy Entertainment’s official site on Friday (Sept. 13), and wrapped up all the loose ends the season-turned-series finale left dangling. Fans finally got their burning questions answered, the main of which was who Chloe chose to be with: her fellow Mai Alek, or human Brian?

Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t yet read the script (Why haven’t you read it yet? Get on it, ASAP!) …

Chloe chose Alek! Though she always had feelings for Brian, they weren’t as strong as her feelings for her fellow Mai, the guy who has protected her ever since she found out she was the Uniter, the sarcastic, brooding, super attractive Alek.

But that didn’t happen until the very last page. What else went down in “The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Salvation?”

The end of the curse?

It turned out there was a way to end the curse that made a Mai kiss fatal for humans. There was an ancient Mai prophecy, “When the Uniter loves the offspring of her enemy, the curse will be broken.” 

So why didn’t the curse break when Chloe kissed Brian, and why didn’t Brian die from the kiss?

The curse didn’t break with Brian’s kiss, because Chloe never loved him. Sure, she had feelings for him and told her mom she thought she might love him, but she never actually said she loved him. Even at the end of the movie script, when Brian said goodbye as he left to go back to college, he asked her why she never said “I love you” back to him, and that’s because she never did love him. 

As for why Brian survived her kiss, it turned out that he came from a line of saviors, the last of the pure (the direct descendents of the Mai’s original enemy, sworn to destroy them and unaffected by the curse). The only reason the kiss affected him at all was because she is the Uniter, and thus, stronger than a regular Mai. Brian was only sent into a brief coma, and woke up hours later feeling totally healthy.

Alek’s mysterious background revealed

Now, when Chloe chose Alek at the end of the script, there is one question still left open: did the curse break? You see, it turns out that Alek is half human — his mother was a Mai and his father was one of the pure, in the Order … a.k.a. the husband of Brian’s grandma and his Mai mistress. Yeah, that’s right: Alek is actually Brian’s uncle! Meaning that Alek is the offspring of Chloe’s enemy, and they love each other, so … the curse has be broken now, right? Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

The real villain 

Remember the assassin Simone, who shot Chloe in the series finale? She was actually working for Brian’s grandmother, who turned out to be the one in charge of the Order. She had Whitley’s wife/Brian’s mother murdered, and framed it to look like a Mai killed her so Whitley would come back to the Order. When he didn’t, she killed him the same way — her own son! — and framed it to look like a Mai killed him so Brian would seek vengeance on the entire race and Chloe. How did Brian even know the truth about the Mai? After he woke up from his coma, Whitley told him everything, hoping to turn him against Chloe.

Brian agreed to work with his grandma after believing the Mai killed his father, so he set up Chloe. After her mother, Meredith, was kidnapped by the Order, Brian lied to Chloe about her mother’s location when in actuality he and Olivia were there to capture Chloe. 

But Brian had a change of heart when he became privy to his grandma’s true plan: to suck out every single one of Chloe’s remaining lives via an ancient chalice, and dump it out, thereby exterminating both Chloe and the entire Mai race since the Uniter holds the Mai essence in her lives. 

A fight breaks out as Brian helps Chloe escape, torches are knocked over, and in the ensuing flames, Brian’s grandmother dies. Alek kills Simone to save Jasmine and Chloe, and the rest of the remaining Mai in the city help Brian, Chloe’s mom, Amy, and Paul get to safety.

Jasmine and Zane

You’ll notice that Jasmine was in the final fight, meaning she survived Zane’s assassination attempt. 

It turned out that Valentina used a Mai power to give her own life to heal Jasmine. After Valentina’s funeral, Jasmine vowed to get revenge on Zane, and was able to when Zane attacked Chloe in her room. Jasmine stabbed Zane, killing him, and was able to finally mourn her mother. Jasmine assumed the role her mother held, and became the leader of the Mai.

And with that, “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” finally came to an end. All our burning questions were answered, except whether or not the curse was finally broken. But some things are better left to the imagination, don’t you think? 

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum