Unfortunately, the balloon-lifted house in Disney/Pixar’s film, “Up,” has to remain a fantasy.

Adventurer Jonathan Trappe has failed in his attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a cluster balloon craft. Instead, the “Up”-inspired aircraft made an emergency landing in Newfoundland on Friday morning.

Trappe took off from Caribou, Maine on Thursday (Sept. 12) with plans to make the approximately 2500-mile Atlantic crossing in three to five days, according to the Daily Mail. If successful, the trip would have ended somewhere between Iceland and Morocco, dependent on prevailing winds.

Deadline.com reports that Trappe’s unscheduled landing in a remote area of the Canadian province — less than 400 miles from his starting point — was due to a technical glitch. The balloonist himself was unharmed.

Want to see Jonathan Trappe’s version of the “Up” balloon? Click here for the amazing photos

Although based on the design that lifted Carl Fredrickson’s house into the skies of “Up,” Trappe’s balloons were no work of fiction. This was the first attempt ever to use a cluster of helium balloons to cross the ocean, but Trappe is experienced in his design. He has successfully piloted his cluster-balloon aircraft across Lake Michigan, over the Alps and across the English Channel.

Posted by:Laurel Brown