roseannes nuts canceled Nobody wants 'Roseanne's Nuts,' Lifetime cancels freshman reality series

Would you say that you found “Roseanne’s Nuts” unappetizing?

Pardon, we jest, but the triple entendre title of Roseanne Barr‘s reality series is hard to write about seriously — make that was.

Lifetime has canceled the series after just one season, according to the star, who posted the news on Twitter on Sept. 21.

“Roseanne’s Nuts has been canceled,” she writes. “Thanks everyone for watching!”

The unscripted series followed Barr and longtime boyfriend Johnny Argent on their Hawaiian farm, where they manage 40 acres of macadamia nut and livestock.

Barr shouldn’t be too shaken up by the decision, though. The 58-year-old comedian, who may or may not be running for president, has new series in the works at 20th Century Fox TV.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell