norad santa tracker fighter jets NORAD's 'Santa Tracker' adds fighter jets, draws concern

This year Santa Claus is going to be flying with some company on Christmas Eve. The North American Aerospace Defense Command revealed that the 2013 “Santa Tracker” will have a more “operational feel,” replete with fighter jets.

discusses the inclusion of the F-18 Fighter escorts who will be traveling with Santa in this year’s “Santa Tracker.” The concern is that the attempt to make the experience of following Santa more like following a military operation could not be positive for the children who will be tuning in.

The “Santa Tracker” site still is pretty children-friendly, though. The website is currently counting down the days until Santa will begin delivering presents, and also allows users to play various games on the site. On Christmas day, the site will show where Santa “is” at a given point in time, and keep a running tally of how many gifts have been delivered.

Do you think the inclusion of fighter jets is too militarized for a child-friendly program?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz