kim and kanye baby North West: Is Kim and Kanye's baby name decided?

There’s been plenty of speculation about what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will name their newborn daughter, but thus far no name has been released

Many are expecting it to be a strange name along the lines of “Apple” and “Pilot Inspektor,” but those close to Kardashian and West are saying that the baby might be given a moniker that’s a play on words. According to In Touch, Kardashian and West are leaning towards naming their firstborn daughter “North West.”

“North is at the top of the list of names,” a source tells the site. “They’re not totally sure about it. Kanye loves it, Kim is okay with it.” The problem? “The family doesn’t like it [the name],” the insider explains. “They’re going to decide by today [June 18].”

Meanwhile sources tell People that West and Kardashian remain undecided on the name, though they’re leaning towards it beginning with a “K.” “Kim is being very protective of the baby and she says there is no official name,” the insider says.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz