colorado secede state Northern Colorado wants to secede from state: 'Our morals are no longer represented'

What do you do when the state where you live votes in a governing administration you don’t agree with? Why, you secede, of course. That is the idea some of the counties in Northern Colorado have, anyway.
A group of county commissioners in Northeastern Colorado are have banded together to look into the possibility of splintering from the state to create a new one. The breaking point came with the Democratically controlled Legislature passed laws that tighten gun control, increase reliance on renewable energy and stop what is perceived as cruel treatment of livestock, the Coloradoan reports. The state is also looking to further regulating oil and gas production.
“Northern and Northeastern Colorado and our voices are being ignored in the legislative process this year, and our very way of life is under attack,” says Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway. He and other county commissioners are planning hearings about the possible secession and the possibility of putting it to a vote in the November election.
Should the ballot measure pass, the counties would then request the state Legislature to petition Congress for the change. It would also require the approval of the governor and General Assembly.

Even if it were to go to a vote, there’s a long road ahead before adding another star to the flag.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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